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WAC virtual Inter-Congress


Dear WAC Members, Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate on the virtual WAC Inter-Congress that is going to be held online from August 30 to September 3, 2021.

Each session consist of a keynote lecture followed by four papers and general discussion.

As the WAC-9 LOC and organizers of individual sessions are preparing the whole Inter-Congress.

Each session will be streamed on the YouTube channel.

The participation on the virtual WAC Inter-congress is free of charge.

The priority will be given to WAC current members, but everyone is welcomed.

All you need to do is to register below for one or all sessions and follow simple instructions in order to receive an e-mail with the link(s) for individual Zoom session(s).  


Jan Turek
WAC-9 Academic Secretary


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the Pre-WAC-9 Online Inter-Congress.

The times since the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 have been truly difficult ones for every one of us. This virus transcends and spreads across all the socio-cultural, -economic, -political and -ethnic boundaries, and divides and closes down human society. This virus does not allow any easy simulation and prediction of its behaviour and the consequences it brings due to its character and behaviour. This virus also spreads through the infrastructural systems of globalization and destroys global solidarity. In all, this virus is itself a contradiction, embodying and exposing the contradiction of the world we are living in; the virus spreads through the system that has been enabling us to overcome national, ethnic, and other identity-based boundaries and nurturing global solidarity, as at the same generating the fragmentation of our lifeworld, heightening inter-identity tensions, discrimination, and extremism.

Confronted by this absolute, transcendental threat to humankind, what should we do to maintain solidarity? What can we do to re-create proper boundaries that prevent the virus from spreading as at the same time to allow us to do things together? And, above all, how should we change ourselves?

As we postponed our Ninth World Archaeological Congress twice, we have decided to hold an Inter-Congress to meet, albeit virtually, and think together how to confront this ontological/existential challenge. To do so, we have chosen the themes that WAC have been tackling as its causes; the establishment and development of truly indigenous archaeologies, confronting post-colonial challenges, archaeologies fighting against discriminations, and caring about archaeological futures.

Various uncertainties lingering on, might make us feel divided, isolated, powerless and desperate. However, we archaeologists know that human beings survived, and there always were ways to get over difficulties. I hope this Pre-WAC-9 Online Inter-Congress gives us an opportunity to rejuvenate senses of belongings and connectedness across all the boundaries that divide us through discussing shared problems and concerns, and brings us joy that gets us going until we meet at Ninth World Archaeological Congress in Prague 2022.

Koji Mizoguchi
President of the World Archaeological Congress




REGISTER for WAC virtual Inter-Congress


The session Zoom link will be sent to registered participants 24 hours before the start of the session.



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