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The evaluation of session proposals was conducted by the WAC-9 Scientific Committee between November 15 to December 31, 2019 and in December 2021.

The total number of submitted proposals was: 172 (157 sessions, 15 round tables)

The total number of accepted sessions is: 109 (99 sessions, 10 round tables)

The total number of not accepted or withdrawn proposals is: 63 (58 sessions, 5 round tables)

One sessions was integrated into another session.

We found the quality and pertinence of the proposals to be most encouraging for a successful and exciting WAC-9 meeting in Prague, July 3–8, 2022.

We extended our sincere thanks to members of the Scientific Committee who assisted in the evaluation and to the session organizers who assisted with requests for additional documentation.

Professor Peter R. Schmidt
Chair of the WAC-9 Scientific Committee

Each paper should have 15 minutes. There will be 90-minute and also 60-minute sessions, so the number of papers should be 4–6. The duration can be up to 20 minutes (depending on the length of the session).

List of Sessions


1. Global Perspectives on Rock Art

1. The artists behind the art: Rock art created by known artists (Session)

2. Multidimensional Materials: Rock Art, Relationality, and Change Through Time and Space (Session)

3. Semiotic inferences from clusters of non-figurative marks from Palaeolithic rock art to pottery and ceramics in the Iron Age (Session)

4. Anthropological and Archaeological Perspectives on Hand Imprints in Rock Art (Session) CANCELLED

5. World Views of Contact (Session) CANCELLED

6. Revisiting regionality to understand world rock art (Session)

7. From within: current approaches to the study of human/other-than-humans in (rock) art studies (Session)

2. Why Archaeology Needs Ethnoarchaeology

1. Archaeology and Caravans in Comparative Prospective (Session)

2. Breaking Bread and Raising a Glass: Bridging Ethnoarchaeological and Archaeological Research on Food and Culinary Habits (Session)

3. Global Perspectives on the Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology of Salt (Session)

4. Ethnoarchaeology and Later European Prehistory – Venturing the Ridge between Hypothesis, Plausibility, and Evidence (Session)

5. Ethnoarchaeology: From Research Tool to Foundational Archaeological Epistemology (Session)

3. Contemporary Archaeologies

1. Archaeology, resistance and engagement: the archaeology(ies) of contemporary past under dictatorship (Session)

2. Entangled heritage in the making of Anthropocene: critical perspectives on materiality, iden-tity and fluidity of heritage (Session) CANCELLED

3. The Archaeology of Zoos – Reloaded (Session)

4. Archaeologies of modern/colonials projects in Latin America (Session) CANCELLED

5. Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Cultural Erasure (Session)

6. Archaeologies of Contemporary (Political) Global Settings / Arqueologías de contextos políticos contemporáneos globales / Arqueologias de Cenários Globais Contemporâneos (Políticos) (Session)

7. Archaeologies of pain and resistance: unveiling subaltern stories (Session)

4. High-Spirited Gatherings or Lightning Sessions

1. Lightning Strike Wakes Archaeologists and they Challenge Colonial-Indigenous Master Narratives! (Session)

2. The Archaeology of Coincidence? (Session)


5. Evaluating Archaeological Knowledge

1. From Ethics to “New Ethics” – Theory and Praxis (Session)

2. Applying knowledge of symbolism and other subtle indications relevant to cultural values that can aid the interpretation of prehistoric monuments (Session) CANCELLED

3. Indigenous Peoples and New Techniques for Provenance Research: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks (Session)

4. With a little help from our friends: Digital archaeological knowledge production through engagement with non-professionals (Round Table) CANCELLED

5. ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ The Roman Past and 21st Century Politics (Session)

6. WAC Archaeological Ethics Bowl (Round Table)

6. Discrimination and Injustices

1. Thirty years on: has the Vermillion Accord steered change? (Session)

2. Instruments of Ownership in Archaeology and Digital Heritage (Session) CANCELLED

3. Archaeology and the Future of Democracy – the 2019 EAA Bern Statement in a global context (Round Table) CANCELLED

4. Decolonization of Classics and Classical Archaeology (Session)

5. Discrimination and Injustices in Archaeological Daily Practices: sharing experiences, seeking solutions (Round Table)


7. Community Approaches to Archaeology and Heritage Management

1. African Archaeologists, African Heritage Managers (Session)

2. Straight talk: What does and what does not constitute community archaeology? (Round Table)

3. Heritage as An Action Word: Uses Beyond Communal Memory (Session)

4. How Should We Carry Out a Public Archaeology Project? Towards a Methodology for Public Archaeology in the context of Development (Session)

5. From community engagement to engaged community: lessons from public archaeology for sustainable heritage (Session)

6. Recipes for community-engaged art and archaeology (Round Table)

7. Values, Heritage, and the ‘Package’ (Session)

8. Migrating people, migrating identities: Archaeological heritage and its potential in solving migration crises (Session) CANCELLED

9. Contemporary Archaeology and Heritage Studies; Delving into Dark Heritage (Session)

10. For people, places and the past: Transnational perspectives on the impact on volunteers of archaeological participation within the places where they live (Session)

8. Transdisciplinary and Unbounded: Contemporary Approaches to Critical Heritage Studies

1. Qurna: The meeting point of different ontologies (Session) CANCELLED

2. Changing heritage policy and practice in the Middle East in an age of neoliberalism (Session)

3. Phantom Limb: Contextualizing Critical Heritage work in between the intersections of Contemporary Art and Archaeology (Session) CANCELLED

4. International Perspectives on Heritage and Public History Education (Round Table)

5. Archaeogaming and decolonising narratives: retelling the stories of the marginalise (Session)

6. Early Watercraft: The oldest dispersed global humankind cultural heritage (Session) CANCELLED

7. The Things They Carry: Human Bodies and the Burden of Meaning (Session) CANCELLED

8. Archaeology and the management of sensitive cultural heritage: trends and directions (Session)

9. Exploring histories of collecting human remains: local and international contexts, networks and repatriation processes (Session)

10. The integration of socially relevant policy topics into Heritage Management Education (HME) (Round Table) CANCELLED

11. Archaeology of non-commemoration: memorialization practices of war (Session)

12. The Politics of Post-Conflict Heritage Reconstruction (Session)

13. A Critical Visualization of Archaeological Time (Session)

9. Trade in Art, Culture, and History: Heritage Tourism in the Twenty-First Century

1. Community Archaeology and Management of heritage Sites and Museums (Session)

2. Heritage Tourism: A boon or threat for Management & Sustainability of Heritage sites (Session)

3. Archaeology as an Engine for Sustainability in the Countries of the Maya World (Session)

4. Responding to Overtourism at Heritage Sites (Session) CANCELLED


10. Indigenous Views on Ancestors, Ancestral Sites, their Excavation and Disturbance

1. Indigenous Insights that Improve Policy and Practice in Cultural Heritage Management (Round Table)

2. Engaging Indigenous communities, ancestral remains, sites and archaeological practice in the Islands of Hawaii and South Asia (Session) CANCELLED

11. Archaeology as indigenous Advocacy

1. Recent Issues and Future Possibilities of Public Archaeology and Anthropology on Indigenous People in East Asia (Session)

2. Indigenous archaeologies and histories from the South America (Session)

3. Global perspectives on decolonising rock art knowledge (Session)

4. Realizing Ucko’s Dream: Winning Maya Indigenous Land Rights (Round Table)

12. Fission or Fusion? Indigenous Engagement

1. Profit and Loss: Commercial Trade in Ancestral Remains (Session) CANCELLED

2. Heritage and Reconciliation (Session) CANCELLED

3. Archaeology's Place in Reclaiming and Reconciliation: Indigenous Paths to Healing (Session) CANCELLED

4. Sites of indigenous wellbeing (Session) CANCELLED

5. Repatriation, Restitution, and Reburial From a South American Perspective (Session)

6. Southern Circulation: Histories of Collecting Ancestral Remains and Objects of Cultural Significance in the Colonial South (Session)

7. Looking Back, Looking Forward: 40 years of repatriation (Session)

8. Envisioning Indigenous Archaeological Futures: Creating Sustainable Paths Forward For Future Generations (Round Table)

9. Engaging indigenous communities in Africa with archaeological research (Session)


13. Historical Archaeology: Global Alterities and Affinities

1. To be buried as a warrior: Burials, social and military structures on the edge of the Frankish Empire (8th–10th centuries) (Session) CANCELLED

2. The Complexity of State Formation and Polity in Mainland Southeast Asia (Session) CANCELLED

3. Where to from here? Decolonising historical archaeology in practice and theory (Session)

4. The Expansion of the Mongol Empire in the Thirteenth Century: Archaeological, Climatic and Historical Interpretations (Session)

5. The Ottoman Empire on the Frontiers of Europe: Approaches in the Framework of Early Modern and Historical Archaeology (Session)

6. Historical Archaeology in South America (Session)

14. Maritime Histories: The Seas in Human History

1. Aquatic Neolithic Formations in Global Perspective (Session)

2. Global Evidence of the Late Pleistocene Seafaring and Maritime Adaptation: When, Where, and How (Session)

3. Peninsular Maritime Trade and Interaction during Prehistoric and Historic Periods in East Asia (Session)

4. Cultural interactions across the Bay of Bengal and beyond (Session)

5. Stone Age Seas: Mapping Voyages and Maritime Diffusions (Session)

6. Islamic Archaeology and the History of Maritime Southeast Asia and Beyond (Session) CANCELLED

7. Maritime Archaeology in Latin America and Iberoamérica: New perspectives in the 21st century (Session)


15. Archaeologies of Identity

1. Social and symbolic significance of Neolithic houses (Session)

2. The Beaker Age. Exploring the Third Millennium BC spread of shared cultural identity in Eurasia (Session)

3. Archaeology in conflict zones: a zero-sum game? (Session)

4. Children, Personhood and the Archaeology of Identity (Session)

5. The Prehistory of Beer (Session)

6. Archaeology and Linguistics on the History of the Early Slavs (Session) CANCELLED

7. Entangled Africa: Identity and Inner-African Interaction (Session) CANCELLED

8. Prehistoric kinship beyond ‘family’: concepts, scales, inference, and significance (Session)

9. Landscape, Subsistence and Gender: The Eurasian Steppe in the Bronze Age (Session) CANCELLED

10. Discourse on Discursives: Outsiders, Outliers and Outlaws--archaeologies of fluid identities and queer mobilities (Session) CANCELLED

12. Crafting identities through ceramic practice. Global histories on the origins of pottery technology among foragers (Session)

13. Vernacular & Indigenous Material Culture and Architecture – Tracing the Homogeneity and Diversity (Session)

14. Approaching the sounds of the past. Music, acoustics and identity (Session)

15. Excavating Identity in Palestine from Prehistory to the Present (Session)

16. Identity Dialogues: The Co-Construction of Archaeologies and Identities in the Arctic (Session) CANCELLED

17. Archaeology of meat – Meat as source of nutrition, status and identity (Session)

18. Megaliths & Earthworks: making the World together (Session)

16. Landscapes, Forests, Groves, Rocks, Rivers, and Trees: Ontological Groundings and Seeking Alternative Theories

1. Archaeology, Language and Landscape (Session) CANCELLED

2. World Approaches to Landscape (Session)

3. Community archaeology: Decolonizing archaeological practices to empower descendant communities (Session)

4. Heritage and African Technological Ontologies: A dedication to Peter R. Schmidt (Session) CANCELLED

5. Journey to the Historical Ruins of Ancient Cities (Session)

6. Cave Ontologies: Why are caves significant to humans? (Session)


17. The aDNA Revolution: Its Issues, Potentials, and Implications

1. Bones and Base Pairs: Progressing toward the integrated science of archaeogenetics (Round Table) CANCELLED

2. Northeast Asia and the ancient DNA revolution in interdisciplinary perspective (Session)

3. The Neolithization of East Asia inferred from a multidisciplinary perspective (Session)

18. A New Bioarchaeology: Telling the Difficult Stories

1. Beyond being a pastoralist in Central Asia: subsistence identities in light of bioarchaeological approaches sensu lato on human diet and mobility (Session)

2. Bioarchaeology in East Asia (Session) CANCELLED

3. Scientific Advances in East Asian Bioarchaeology (Session) CANCELLED

4. Ethics in Bioarchaeology (Session)

5. Reconstructing Past Human Behaviors and Identities through Advanced Zooarchaeological Methodologies and Technologies (Session) CANCELLED

6. What we can gain from analysis of masticatory system (Session)

7. Colonial Legacies: Uncovering Colonial Stories and Dealing with Colonial Attitudes in Modern Bioarchaeology (Session) CANCELLED


19. Climates of Change and Environmental Pasts

1. Migration, Trade and Settlement patterns within extreme landscapes and challenging climatic conditions (Session)

2. Bridge and Barrier: the environmental and cultural history of Sahul and Wallacea (Session) CANCELLED

3. Beyond Disturbed: Ecological Creativity though Fire (Session)

4. Fields, peoples and power: approaches to agrarian archaeologies of the preindustrial world (Session)

5. Islands of Sustainability?: Reexamining Issues of Human Impact to Insular Environments (Session) CANCELLED

6. Climate Change and Heritage (Session)

7. Interdisciplinary Studies of Human-Environment Interactions in Prehistoric North America (Session) CANCELLED

8. Within the Eye of the Storm: Gender, Age, Disability, Race, and Climate Change Through Time (Session)

9. Evidence in Transition: Geoarchaeological Research into Periods of Significant Environmental Change (Session) CANCELLED

10. The human – environment conundrum in palaeoanthropology through the integration of high-resolution multi-proxy techniques (Session)

20. Water and Ancient Complex Societies

1. Securing Water in Freshwater Security and Urbanizing Landscapes in the Ancient Tropics (Session)

2. Exploring urban-water dynamics in a comparative perspective: landscapes, management and uses until the Industrial Era (Session) CANCELLED

3. Medieval Inland Towns and Water (Session) CANCELLED

4. The Long Term Impacts of Hydraulic Engineering in Tropical Low-Density Urban Societies (Session)

5. Reviving Water Infrastructures (Session)

6. Water & periphery: roads of water and roads in water (Session) CANCELLED

7. Sacred Power and Conspicuous Occupation: Riverine Islands in Global Perspective (Session) CANCELLED


21. World Archaeologies: the past, the present and the future

1. Biological or Behavioral: Multidisciplinary perspectives on Mode 2 to Mode 3 transitions across the Old World (Session) CANCELLED

2. Roundtable on Community-Driven Reproducible Research: The Community for Modeling Agropastoralism in Eurasia (C-MAPLE) (Round Table) CANCELLED

3. River cultures: Collapse and growth (Session) CANCELLED

4. World archaeo-geophysics: State of the art & case studies (COST Action SAGA-CA 17131) (Session)

5. Bridging the animal-human technological interface: Understanding the patterns and factors influencing tool-use in human and non-human populations (Session)

6. Remote sensing in the documentation, monitoring and research of archaeological landscapes (Session)

7. Developers and Archaeology: Global Perspectives (Session)

8. “Being human”: Integrated approach to the transformation of the material world, through cognitive experiences of body and mind (Session)

9. Archaeology from the Next Generation: Student-Led Research Projects in a Global Perspective (Session)

10. Battle fields and armed conflicts of the 15th – 19th Century in historical memory and reality (Session)

11. Student Ethics Debate, Hosted by the WAC Student Committee (Round Table)

12. Mobility, migrations and diasporas from the perspective of world archeologies (Session)

13. Global Archaeological Ethics: 2020 and beyond (Session)

14. Environmental Archaeology of Ancient Complex Societies in East Asia (Session)

15. The collapse of ancient societies (Session)

16. South Asia and the World: Tackling the big archaeological questions through South Asian evidences (Session)

17. The Arts of Sacred Healing: World Archaeologies, Global Interconnections (Session)

18. Memory (and forgetting) in archaeology (Session)

19. Challenges and new approaches for protection of cultural heritage around the world (Session)

20. Made in China: Chinese Ceramics and its Global Industrial Reach in the Medieval and Early-Modern Periods (Session) CANCELLED

21. Presenting World Archaeologies to a Wider Audience: collaboration with SAPIENS (Round Table)



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