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Austria – Enns/Hallein/Hallstatt

3 days excursion

3 days excursion after the congress. Excursion is not included in the congress registration fee. Registration for the excursion will be available in the online registration form at the congress website.

  • 10–12 July 2021

1st day

2nd day

3rd day

Enns – Museum Lauriacum

Hallstatt – Museum, Salt Mine, Cemetery, city of Hallstatt

Hallein – Museum of the Celts

Enns – Museum Lauriacum

Luriacum Museum website here.

Hallstatt Salt Mine

If you hike through the mysterious tunnels of Hallein Salt Mine, you will be accompanied by a millennia-old history with every step you take. Even back in the Neolithic Age, people were already wresting "white gold" from the depths of the Dürrnberg.

Prehistoric salt mining on the Dürrnberg began in the 6th century BC. Back then, during the so-called Ice Age – around 2600 years ago – Celts settled the Dürrnberg, exploiting the rich salt deposits there for their own benefit: “white gold” provided the foundation for their existence, securing them many years of work and prosperity. This is attested to by elaborate everyday items such as artistically decorated jugs, which you can view at the Celtic Museum in Hallein. Objects made of gold, coral and amber have also be found in the area of the Dürrnberg. This also shows us that the Celts had trading relationships that extended far beyond the region’s borders.

More information about Salt Mine history here.

Hallein – Museum of the Celts


The Museum of the Celts in Hallein houses one of the largest exhibitions on Celtic history and art in Europe. It is a place where the prehistory of Salzburg and the urban heritage of Hallein come alive. The combination of Iron Age burial grounds, settlement areas and the salt mining history of Dürrnberg hill top site is unique in Europe. Walkthrough salt mine galleries, views of chamber tombs or ornate gold attire – Celtic art and Celtic culture become a tangible experience at the Museum of the Celts in Hallein. An independent exhibition on the ground floor of the museum invites visitors to time travel back to prehistoric Salzburg. Three ornate rooms dating back to the time of the Prince Duke Archbishop von Schrattenbach (1756/1757) as well as objects relating to the history of Hallein and historic salt mining are on display.

Museum website here.

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