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June 21, 2019
Theme Abstracts announced. Call for sessions

November 15, 2019
Session submission deadline

December 15, 2019
Session abstracts announced & Call for paper/poster submissions

January 1, 2020
Registration starts

March 21, 2020
Deadline for submissions of individual papers and posters

Dear WAC members, Dear colleagues,

On behalf of WAC’s President, Executive Officers, WAC-9 2020 Scientific Committee, and the Local Organizing Committee, I would like to inform you that the deadline for submission of session proposals has been extended by one calendar month.

The new deadline for submitting session proposals for WAC-9 2020 Prague, Czech Republic (5–10 July 2020) is Friday 15 November 2019 12:00 pm. (GMT+1).

Should you not be able to fill 5 tentative speakers within the next month, an opportunity to do so will still arise when the general call for papers is made.

I would also like to remind you that the session organizers and speakers need to have a valid WAC membership for 2020.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Prague.


Jan Turek
WAC-9 Academic Secretary




A word of welcome from the President of the World Archaeological Congress

Nowadays, it is a truism to say that the world is in crisis, and the discipline of archaeology, firmly situated in the contemporary world, is meant to be in crisis, too. However, it is not necessarily the case; in reaction to the relentless expansion of hyper-capitalist economy-led globalization and the exacerbation of postcolonial problems, Archaeology with Capital A has been reorganizing itself by proactively ‘localizing’ itself into an increasing number of ‘archaeologies’ differentiated along issues concerning inequality, discrimination, injustices, destruction of cultural heritage and identities, and infringement of basic human rights generated by the deepening crisis.

World Archaeological Congress was founded in 1986, when problems generated and exacerbated by the crisis began to be felt as something which we the citizens of the world, including archaeologists, could no longer ignore. The accelerating pace of globalization on one hand was intensifying inequality and discrimination and on the other hand raising global awareness of human sufferings. Our global archaeological community, the World Archaeological Congress, or ‘WAC’, was formed specifically in line with the UN condemnation of the then apartheid regime of the Republic of South Africa. However, retrospectively, the birth of WAC can be recognized to have been a part of the global movement responding to rising problems that the hyper capitalism and globalization led to.

33 years on, the situation remains to be critical. In some ways, problems have been deepened. Widening economic, social, cultural and political gaps and inequalities within and between human groups and communities of all kinds, ranging from individual families, genders, various communities, countries, to global regions, are destabilizing our ontological security, fueling hatred, and resulting in all sorts of extremism. Unchecked exploitation of natural resources, not sufficiently regulated industrial productions, and the endless march of irresponsible consumerism are threatening the survival of living species, including human being.

What can we do? I would like to say we can do a lot. The ideals, causes and objectives of WAC, many of which were regarded as irrelevant to archaeology when it was founded back in 1986, have now firmly become common principles to be complied with and drawn upon in doing good archaeologies. Locally-rooted archaeological practices are increasingly involved in proactive movements to protect local heritage, local environment and local identities. And, such local movements are increasingly situated in global movements to protect the wellbeing of our lived world.

Prague is a fitting place for us to gather, examine how far we have come, and together think and imagine which directions we shall move and what we will be able to do for the betterment of archaeologies and betterment of the world; Prague has witnessed many human struggles and endeavors to protect and further human freedom and basic human rights, some of which were defeated and some of which were won.

Looking forward to meeting you in Prague in the next Summer, and sharing our ideas, imaginations and dreams for the futures of archaeologies!

Koji Mizoguchi
President of the World Archaeological Congress



Welcome Address from the WAC-9 Academic Secretary

Dear Colleagues worldwide!

34 years after its birth in Southampton as a highly influential world organization, the World Archaeological Congress is coming back to Europe. Prague has always been a cultural and multilingual crossroads of Central Europe. The atmospheric streets of Prague hide amazing subterranean relics of the medieval city which are very attractive to visitors to explore. The Czech Capital is the city of St. Wenceslaus, the city of Franz Kafka and of Václav Havel.

Prague is once again becoming such a crossroads as a forum for discussion for anyone who is concerned with the study of archaeology and world heritage.

WAC is open to archaeologists of all countries, encouraging the development of regionally-based histories and maintaining the international academic discourse within the worldwide community.

This special event offers you the opportunity to share the results of your research. It mediates discussion on professional training and public education for disadvantaged nations, groups and communities. The voices of representatives of different Indigenous groups will be welcomed. We will also discuss the role of archaeology and the state of world heritage in the current globalized world.

Make your research visible worldwide: come to Prague 5th to 10th July 2020!

We look forward to welcoming you in the heart of Europe.

Yours Sincerely

Jan Turek
WAC-9 Academic Secretary






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